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Minoxidil Hair Growth Spray


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  • 5% MINOXIDIL FORMULA: The perfect 5% Minoxidil formula strengthens thinning and weak hair resulting in noticeably thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. 5% Minoxidil is the #1 Dermatologist Recommended ingredient for hair loss and is clinically proven and effective for hair growth.
  • Spray for Hair Loss: Give extra strength to your follicle with our revolutionary Minox recipe. Achieve excellent results in 4-8 weeks of constant usage This serum will reduce hair damage and hair loss by revitalizing the hair from the roots and repairing split ends.
  • Easy to Use: We designed the spray type to be 0.25MM/ spray so you can precisely calculate your dosage and ensure lasting for one month/ bottle. for best results, apply to slightly damp hair after washing or rinsing for best absorption
  • The Perfect spray – The bottle jet is direct; your application will directly hit the scalp and beard. The traditional Minoxidil has a pulverization method, which wastes serum on the hair shafts.
  • High Priority Customer Service : If you have any questions or concerns about your order, contact us at any time. Our staff is here to help. We offer 30 days guarantee for a refund.

Product Description



5% Minoxidil spray is easy and safe to use.

The 5% MINOXIDIL aims to dilate blood vessels and improve the flow of blood to the areas it’s applied, this improves their ability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. Minoxidil also helps increase the size of hair follicles, which promotes the growth of thicker, stronger hairs.


  • Revives shrunken hair follicles and helps maintain hair density over time
  • No messy drips – massage in & style hair as usual


  • Step 1

For scalp

Direct jet the scalp with four sprays from the back to the crown to the frontal region.

For beard

Direct-jet each cheek with two sprays.

  • Step 2

Use twice daily on clean hair. Use fingertips to massage the solution into skin/hair for2-3 minutes. (Apply pressure, so that blood flow can increase for both scalp and beard)


You will notice increased hair loss in the first 2-4 weeks of the treatment. That is normal since the body is getting rid of the dead hair shafts to make room for new ones.

Washing the hair less often will help preserve the natural oils in the scalp and keep hair well.

If you want to wash your head multiple times per week, don’t use any shampoo, just use water, and massage.

Use it every morning and night for a minimum of 3 months.

Do not use it if you have the following conditions: Heart sensibility, Super-sensitive skin, an open wound, or after a derma roll since that can cause irritations.


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