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Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner Set

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  • THICKER HAIR: This biotin shampoo and conditioner set has been specially formulated to help you achieve the appearance of thicker hair; Bellisso’s thickening shampoo and conditioner for fine hair coats each strand to give you the feeling of more luxurious, fuller locks that turn heads; If you’re in search of premium hair thickening products for men and women that really work, Bellisso is the solution
  • INCREDIBLE VOLUME: This shampoo and conditioner set men and women love for the way it helps to boost volume; The secret to our thickening shampoo and conditioner is how the biotin binds to the hair, helping to increase the space between each individual strand; For people who want thicker feeling hair, Bellisso’s volumizing shampoo and conditioner is the answer
  • SALON GRADE: It’s time to say goodbye to hair products for women and men that aren’t up to standard; At Bellisso, we’ve worked with leading hair care specialists to formulate a salon shampoo and conditioner set that’s highly regarded by experts; Trust Bellisso for some of the best shampoo and conditioner that money can buy
  • SULFATE FREE: We care about your health, which is why our hair thickening products for women and men that contain no sulfates or parabens; What’s more, Bellisso’s sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is totally free from cruelty and never tested on animals
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: Bellisso’s hair thickening shampoo and conditioner is formulated for you, no matter your hair type; More than just a shampoo and conditioner set for curly hair, our hair thickening shampoo and conditioner works on all types of hair; If you want to improve volume and thickness for straight, wavy, fine or even frizzy hair, Bellisso is the key


Product Description

Explore Our Biotin Range for Thicker Feeling Hair

Deep cleaning, thicker feeling Intense moisture and hydration Restore damage, boost volume Guard against heat damage
Extra shine and hydration Sleek appearance, soft hair Thicker looking hair Sleek and smooth hair
Biotin, collagen, spirulina Biotin, keratin, argan oil Biotin, lavender oil Biotin, argan oil
Thin and fine hair Dehydrated and thinning hair Dry, thinning and damaged hair Blowdry and sun damage
Fine, thinning, limp Thinning, dry, brittle Broken, dry, thinning Sensitive, damage prone
Washes out, biotin remains Washes out, biotin remains With leave-in coating With leave-in coating

Bellisso Hair Care Collections

Thicker feeling hair Fighting dandruff Strengthening weak hair Incredible dazzling shine Soothing itchy scalps Toning bleached hair
Hair is thinning or very fine Itchy scalp with flakes Broken hair, brittle and dry Dull hair with no shine Flaky scalp with dandruff Yellow or bronze imbalance
More volume for thin hair Balance scalp Ph Less breakage & split ends Soft & manageable hair Less irritation & itch Less bronze & gold shimmer
Biotin, collagen, spirulina Apple cider vinegar, collagen Keratin, silk protein, argan Argan oil, aloe, chamomile Tea tree oil, silk protein Vitamin B5, green tea extract
Thinning All Damaged Dry All Bleached, silver, gray

Reverse the Signs of Damage

Aside from being an amazing hair thickening treatment, Bellisso’s biotin shampoo and conditioner contains keratin to help reverse dryness and damage.

Increase Thickness and Volume

Our shampoo and conditioner set works by coating the hair with biotin to increase the space between each strand, giving you more volume and thickness.

Expert Salon Formula

Upgrade to a thickening shampoo and conditioner for fine hair that’s been formulated in consultation with professional stylists and haircare experts.

For All Types of Hair

This biotin thickening shampoo and conditioner set works to boost volume for all hair types including straight, frizzy, wavy and even curly locks.

Does the shampoo and conditioner work for men and women?

Yes, Bellisso biotin shampoo and conditioner has been formulated to boost volume and increase hair thickness for both men and women of all ages.

Will this help stop hair breaking?

Not only does our shampoo and conditioner set contain biotin for volume, we’ve also included keratin to help reinforce each strand and protect against broken and brittle hair.

How long should I leave in the shampoo?

For best results, we suggest massaging the shampoo into a lather and working from root to tip. Leave the shampoo for one minute before rinsing well.

How long should I leave in the conditioner?

Starting at the scalp, work the conditioner thoroughly through all the way to the tips of your hair. Leave the conditioner in your hair for three to five minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

Is this safe to use on color treated hair?

Yes, our biotin shampoo and conditioner is safe to use on all hair types as well as color treated hair. For best results, use regularly.

6 reviews for Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner Set


    Back story, I have been trying to get my hair to be healthy again for the longest time. I’ve ruined it by bleach and dye that I have been doing everything I can to get it back healthy and full. Its thinned out so much and it was luke I could run my fingures through my hair and there would be so much hair that would come out. I’ve tried homemade masks to hair growth oils and my hair was still coming out a lot.After one use I have seen a huge difference. My hair feels so much better and healthier already AND I had minimal to barely any hair to no hair fall out. The shampoo smells like salon for sure lol amd the conditioner. . . Smells amazing and my hair has never felt and looked softer. Definitely worth a buy

  2. KAKA

    The packaging was nice, nothing came damaged, the bottles are a nice, pretty teal color (couldn’t capture the exact color on camera), and it seems to smell good so far. I’m going to start using it tonight and see what I think then (about smell, feel, how my hair feels after, etc). Everything I have read about things to do to help your hair strands become thicker when they have thinned out (individual strands becoming thinner) thus leading to your hair looking thinner and seeing your scalp more, that you typically don’t see noticeable results until about 90 days, so unless this stuff makes my hair seem worse, I’m going to try to give it a good try for the full 90 days, then determine if I should continue using it or not. I do like that it doesn’t contain all of these harsh chemicals and it has a lot of great ingredients that is good for your hair and scalp! Its a shampoo and conditioner set that seems to feed your scalp all the needed goodies! My hair became a bigger issue after the birth of our 5th child. I found out I had some health issues (which explained a lot of other issues I was having), those got fixed for the most part, but apparently my progesterone was low for too long and it didn’t balance back out as we hoped. So my issue is caused from a hormone issue (as far as we can tell). I am taking progesterone and even after the first month, it has changed my hair color (you can research how this works…I did not color my hair, but it seems to unlock your normal hair color and bring it back to life when you take a hormone med to rise the hormone you’re low in). I do know this will also aid in reversing my hair, but it could take awhile for it to work on its own, so I found other things to help do this and feel proactive about my hair issue. I also ordered liquid biotin to take, which should arrive tomorrow.Now, what I didn’t really realize with this product is that I might get a coupon to get another set for free. A part of that requirement is to leave a review. They didn’t say a 5 star review like most products that do this do, so that made me a little hopeful that these people leaving the positive reviews are being honest. However, it does make me a little bit more skeptical of the glowing reviews as well. I do plan on being completely honest and keep updating my personal experience with this shampoo and conditioner set, so hopefully others with the same or similar issues as mine can read an honest review. I have taken photos of my hair for before beginning use of this shampoo/conditioner set and I will be adding those photos to show my personal results with it. I am also going ahead and doing this review to get the free set as well, because honestly, getting the free set would help me to keep using this for the full 90 days. I’m not sure how long one set will last me, but I will also update on that as well.Thank you for taking the time to read my whole review and I will be as transparent as possible on this product and any product I review. Hope my review helps you.Update: well the free product is NOT another set as expected, but their hair mask, which im not sure if it would help for my hair at all, since it says it is for weak/color treated hair anti-breakage hair repair. I am trying to thicken hair strands that got smaller due to low progesterone levels (and possibly stress as well). However, I have used the shampoo/conditioner twice now and so far I am liking it! No strong smell, so it doesn’t smell bad at all. There is a faint pleasant type smell, but nothing all girlie either, which helps for it to honestly be for men or women. WASH YOUR HAIR TWICE. Lather, rinse, REPEAT, then use conditioner, letting it sit on there for 2+ minutes. I will be honest and say I wasn’t ever that person that washed their hair twice because I was brought up being told it was a gimmick. We were fairly poor and for years, we didn’t even really get conditioner until my later teen years. Turns out, washing your hair twice during your shower before conditioning is a thing we should all do, especially if we want to get the benefits from the shampoo/conditioner we are using. The first lather, you may notice it doesn’t sud up much. This is getting the top layer of dirt and oil off your hair/scalp. The second time you later, you’ll notice it suds up more, and doing this 2nd wash will all all the nutrients in your shampoo to actually seep through your hair and scalp, whereas the first time all of the dirt, oil, pollution stuck to your hair and scalp created a barrier, not allowing the shampoo to really deliver the nutrients like it should. When I first used this shampoo, with the first wash, my hair felt dryer and like more hair might easily pull out, and I was concerned that doing the 2nd wash would make it worse. However, I did the 2nd wash anyways to give it the good, correct try and the complete opposite happened instead! My hair started feeling softer during the washing process and even softer as I was rinsing it out! And that was BEFORE the conditioner! I then applied the conditioner and let it sit while I finished with my other shower needs (washing, shaving, and rinsing off). After the rest was completely done and loofah was rinsed out, I then rinsed out the conditioner. My hair felt really nice. I went to bed with damp hair (I hardly ever blow dry because I know heat is bad for hair) and I woke up with my hair looking SO MUCH BETTER than it normally does when I go to bed with damp hair. And it felt so much softer, too! But, as a friend pointed out, I should give it a good weeks try before falling in love with this set because typically when you switch what shampoo set you use, the first wash does tend to make your hair feel softer. So I was skeptical still, keeping my opinions non-existent until I used it again. With the 2nd time using it, the same exact way (wash, rinse, repeat, conditioner, let that sit until the very end then rinse it out), I noticed less hair fell out, like way less hair than normal. And my hair felt the same way as the first time throught the whole process and after, even once it dried. Today was the 2nd time using it and I just started my liquid biotin drops today as well, so that oral liquid biotin has had zero effect on my results thus far. If I get towards the end of this shampoo and conditioner and I am still seeing that it keeps working like this, I will definitely order a 2nd set. As of right now, it is too soon to tell of it has helped thicken my strands or help encourage growth of my hair, bit as promised, I will keep updating this review as I know extensive reviews can be rather helpful to another person with similar or even the same issues.

  3. DLW

    This shampoo and conditioner is very nice and smells wonderful, light, fresh and clean. I would just recommend you don’t use it daily as it does contain collegen protein as is stated in ingredients. I had a problem with my fine straight hair because of that and Stephanie was so kind to help me out with this. I am happy with the excellent customer service I received and will just cut back on how often I use it. And once again I would like to thank Stephanie for all her help.

  4. RomRom

    The first thing I noticed about this set is its gentle formulation. It’s a relief to know that I’m using products that are free from harsh chemicals.biotin, has made a noticeable difference in the overall health of my hair. Biotin is known for promoting hair growth, strength, and thickness. My hair feels fuller and looks healthier than ever before.I appreciate the luxurious texture and pleasant scent of these products. The shampoo lathers well and rinses out easily, while the conditioner provides excellent hydration without weighing my hair down. The light and refreshing scent lingers throughout the day, leaving my hair smelling fantastic.What sets this set apart is its effectiveness in addressing various hair concerns. In addition to the benefits of biotin, it also contains other nourishing ingredients that help improve the overall condition of my hair. It has reduced frizz, enhanced shine, and restored manageability, making styling a breeze.Another aspect that impressed me is the value for money. The generous size of the bottles ensures that the set lasts for a long time, even with regular use. I find that a little goes a long way, so I can enjoy the benefits of this set without having to repurchase frequently.It’s worth mentioning that results may vary depending on individual hair type and needs. While this set has worked wonders for me, it’s always a good idea to consider your specific hair concerns and consult with a professional if needed.

  5. buttercup

    I bought this because A. my hair is thinning and B. My silver new hairs are curly (frizzy next to my normal brown pin straight hairs) and C. Because it was in scented and I could add an essential oil of my choice. I added lavender. So far they are great. Smells lovely. My silver hairs are sleek and straight even air dried! I haven’t used the product long enough to see if it actually assists with hair growth but truthfully I don’t care now that my hair is smooth and shiny. Lastly the shampoo doesn’t lather like “normal” shampoo. It goes on almost like lotion would and it renders a small amount of lather/suds. Oddly it cleans my hair perfectly just the same. The conditioner isn’t heavy or weighs down my hair. I can easily go two days without washing it when I use this set. Which IMO is better for my hair overall. I do have med-long hair past my shoulders but above the nipple line. I use 3-4 pumps for both shampoo and conditioner for each washing.

  6. jorge

    ¡Este set de champú y acondicionador de biotina es simplemente asombroso! Como hombre que se preocupa por el cuidado de mi cabello, estoy emocionado de haber encontrado este producto. Lo que más me gusta es que es un tratamiento libre de sulfatos y parabenos, lo que significa que estoy evitando los ingredientes dañinos y agresivos que pueden debilitar mi cabello.Desde que comenzó a usar este conjunto, notó una mejora significativa en la salud de mi cabello. La biotina es conocida por fortalecer y promover el crecimiento del cabello, y definitivamente puedo ver los resultados. Mi cabello se siente más fuerte, más suave y más manejable que nunca. Además, el champú y el acondicionador tienen un aroma fresco y agradable que me hace sentir confiado y limpio durante todo el día.Otro aspecto destacado es lo bien que se adaptan estos productos a mi rutina diaria. No tengo que preocuparme por usar en exceso, ya que están diseñados para un uso regular. Además, solo se necesita una pequeña cantidad para obtener resultados efectivos, lo que significa que este conjunto durará mucho tiempo, lo cual es una excelente relación calidad-precio.Recomendaría este set de champú y acondicionador de biotina a cualquier hombre que desee mejorar la apariencia y la salud de su cabello. ¡Es una inversión que vale la pena! No solo obtendrás un cabello más fuerte y saludable, sino que también te quedarás seguro y listo para enfrentar el día. Prueba este producto y no te arrepentirás. ¡Tu cabello te lo agradecerá!

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