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Meet Pounddcakee: The Make-up Artist

What inspired you to pursue a career in the beauty industry? My mom has been in the beauty industry my entire life, so I know that’s one of my inspirations!

Can you share a memorable moment from your early days in the industry? My first time being flown to another state to do makeup, I was treated so well: nice hotel, car service, all of the good stuff. 

How do you define your brand within the beauty space? It’s one of a kind; everyone has a brand, but only some have a personality to go with it.

What does being featured in the Hype Hair Magazine x Bronner Bros collaboration mean to you? It means A LOT! Growing up, my mom would take me to the Bronner Bros hair show, so being featured is a full-circle moment. 

Where do you see yourself in your career five years from now? I see myself being a multi-millionaire or billionaire with my warehouse fully staffed and stocked with all of my cake factory cosmetics products.

Who are some of your biggest influences in the beauty industry? Supa Cent, Patrick Star, Makeup By Mario, Judy & so many more. 

What areas of expertise set you apart from other professionals in your field? I’m always on time, do my job & make sure every client is satisfied.

How vital are diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry, and how do you contribute to it? It’s critical; I love doing all kinds of clients: women, men, all races, etc. 

Can you share some advice for aspiring beauty professionals looking to make their mark? Never stop, never give up, stay consistent & post your work! 

What role does innovation play in your approach to beauty and haircare?

Innovation plays a significant role! You have to be innovative!

How do you balance staying true to your style while keeping up with industry trends? 

There’s no need to balance or keep up. I do this, lol. 

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how have they shaped your journey? 

The most significant obstacle has been reacting when I receive information or hear something.

What upcoming projects or collaborations can your fans and readers look forward to?

 Who honestly knows? I ended up in HYPE HAIR MAGAZINE. 

What’s your favorite beauty hack or product you can’t live without? 

My clear lipgloss, ” Snow,” from my cosmetic line, is genuinely one of a kind!

How do you stay motivated and inspired in a constantly evolving industry like beauty?

I pray daily and remain on top of trends ( some I try, some I don’t), but I stay consistent regardless of anything! 

This issue is a masterpiece of beauty and artistry, captured by the talented @dinerovisualz, creatively directed by @iamthekingdavis, and curated by Get ready to be blown away! #BronnerBros2024  #ATLBBHOMECOMING #HypeHairMagazine

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