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Meet Hana Ali: The Make-up Artist!


What inspired you to pursue a career in the beauty industry?

I was inspired to pursue a career in the beauty industry due to my in-depth love for art, creativity, and expression. Once I picked up my first brush, it was no turning back! 

Can you share a memorable moment from your early days in the industry?

One of my most memorable moments early on in my career was in 2014. I had my work displayed on a jumbotron in the middle of Times Square during New York Fashion Week. It was very surreal! 

How do you define your brand within the beauty space?

I define my brand within the beauty space by offering my unique and authentic personality, and by honing in on the specific needs and desires of my target audience. 

What does being featured in the Hype Hair Magazine x Bronner Bros collaboration mean to you?

Being featured in this collaborative issue of Hype Hair Magazine and Bronner Bros. is a full-circle moment for me. As a young adult, Hype Hair Magazine was a staple in my household, and in 2016 the Bronner Bros show was where I taught my first class ever as a professional makeup artist. The following year I became the recipient of the “Upcoming Industry Leader” award by the Bronner Bros. organization; it’s safe to say they got it right. Overall, being part of this monumental project is a true testament to hard work and manifestation! 

Where do you see yourself in your career five years from now?

5 years from now my goal is to expand my beauty agency, The Makeup M.O.B.B, into more territories within the U.S. so that I’m able to give other artists more opportunities. I also plan to have my skincare products available in stores, as well as I will continue to grow and nurture my professional makeup community. 

Who are some of your biggest influences in the beauty industry?

My biggest influences in the beauty industry are the innovators and the rule breakers. The ones that are fearless and aren’t afraid to set trends, go against the status quo, and break barriers! 

What areas of expertise set you apart from other professionals in your field?

From my ability to understand diverse skin tones and types, to providing stellar, personalized customer experiences; these are the key areas that set me apart within this competitive industry. Furthermore, my ambition to keep learning and adapting to industry changes also contributes to establishing my unique expertise. 

How vital are diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry, and how do you contribute to it?

Diversity and inclusivity are crucial in the beauty industry as they promote representation, empower consumers, and reflect the diverse nature of beauty standards. My goal is to always foster a more inclusive and accepting environment for all individuals including my clientele base and the makeup artists part of my agency.

Can you share some advice for aspiring beauty professionals looking to make their mark?

My advice for aspiring beauty professionals is to stay abreast of industry trends, continuously enhance your skills through education and practice, build a strong portfolio showcasing your work, network within the beauty community, and leverage social media to showcase your expertise. 

What role does innovation play in your approach to beauty and haircare?

Innovation is pivotal in beauty and haircare, driving advancements in products, technologies, and techniques. It enables the industry to meet diverse needs, enhance effectiveness, and stay relevant in an ever-evolving market.

How do you balance staying true to your style while keeping up with industry trends?

Balancing my personal style with industry trends involves selectively incorporating elements that resonate with my aesthetic. Adaptation to trends can be subtle, allowing for an evolving expression while maintaining authenticity.

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how have they shaped your journey?

One of the main challenges that stuck out to me when I first began my career was not being able to find a mentor who was willing to assist me as an up-and-coming makeup artist. Someone that I could’ve learned from, saved me from making mistakes, wasting time, and losing money.  Because it was a bit of a struggle figuring things out on my own, I decided to become the person I needed when I first started. I’ve taught, coached, and mentored hundreds of aspiring and professional makeup artists and will continue to do so.

What upcoming projects or collaborations can your fans and readers look forward to?

The project that I’m most currently excited about is my 2nd annual international makeup artist retreat in Punta Cana, D.R. this summer. I’ve curated one of the biggest and best retreats for makeup artists on any level in their journey. 

What’s your favorite beauty hack or product you can’t live without? 

This is extremely hard because I have SO many, but I’ll go with lip gloss. I’m kind of obsessed with it! 

How do you stay motivated and inspired in a constantly evolving industry like beauty?

I keep myself motivated in this industry by embracing continuous learning and connecting with others in the field. I also seek inspiration from diverse sources, and I always celebrate my achievements along the way; the small and big wins! 

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