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Damienne Flagler: The Slay Queen

Photography by: Frezz Jefferson

Written By: Lia Jones

Hype Hair was there to witness the labor of love that is Lace Land : Free Fest . Overnight the block was buzzing in anticipation for Lace Land 2023! The event, which is held yearly and put on by celebrity hairstylist Damienne Flagler, produces the biggest beauty inspired give away we have ever seen. Participants were given free wigs, wig installs, makeup, hair tools, haircare and skincare products, food and drink, musical performances and of course a Hype Hair cover reveal. The beauty of Lace Land is how many Black owned businesses had the opportunity to highlight their businesses in front of hundreds of guest.

lagler explains that she has hopes to expand the event to serve more people than she ever has before in 2024. When asked about the inspiration behind the event she went on to state that she saw such a huge need and she has been blessed to be able to provide assistance and knew it was something she had to take on. Some of the biggest names in the beauty industry lended their time and talents to assist Flagler with pulling off the impressive impossible. For more information be sure to follow : IG @DamienneFlagler

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