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Lauren Speed- Hamilton: Bold & Beautiful

Lauren Speed- Hamilton: Bold & Beautiful

In the ever-expanding world of reality television, very few personalities manage to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. One of those women is Lauren Speed- Hamilton whose presence on the Netflix reality show “Love is Blind” turned heads and sparked conversations about love, connection, and lasting relationships.

Lauren first gained widespread recognition when she entered the pods of “Love is Blind.” The unique concept of the show involves singles meeting and forming connections without seeing each other, relying solely on conversation to build emotional bonds. It was in this unconventional setting that Lauren’s journey to finding love began.

From the onset, Lauren’s warm and genuine personality made her stand out among the diverse cast. One thing about Lauren is her hair was always the break out star. Watching from home the Hype Hair team has been checking for her versatility in styles ranging from protective styles , natural hair, and extensions.

We got to catch up with Lauren to discuss EVERYTHING from her holiday plans, hair disasters and her beauty secrets and hacks.

Lauren grew up in what some consider the hair capital of the country, Detroit! She found herself inspired by the hair culture there and even Hype Hair magazine. When asked about a hair horror story growing up , she nostalgically recalled the outcome of a curly style gone wrong after using foam rollers. ( We all can relate) Most recently you can find Lauren rocking boho locks which are fly and look effortless. However, she credits a good silk bonnet as the hair accessory she can not go without.

For the holidays she prefers a cute but comfy look around the house as she typically host family and friends. Surprisingly, her husband Cameron is quite the chef and takes on the heavy lifting in the kitchen for the holidays.

We know our Hype Hair crew is always catching up and taking note of beauty hacks , products and tools, so take notes ( wink, wink ). Lauren notes that no matter what a silk bonnet or scarf is a must have no matter what style you are wearing. To keep her skin glowing and moisturized during the cold winter weather she credits an oldie but goodie, Nutregena’s Sesame Oil. We love and live for the products that keep us right over the years and this is definitely one of those.

You can keep up Lauren Speed – Hamilton by following her on Instagram @need4lspeed. She will also be launching a non profit in early 2024 which is named in honor of her grandmother.

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