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Hype Chat: PR Powerhouse, Eboyné Jackson, on Launching Beauty Brand, On LuxeBeauty

She is a jack of all trades, master of them all! Meet Publicist extraordinaire, Eboyné Jackson.
Known as one of the most sought after publicists in the industry, Eboyné not only works with
some of the biggest influencers, celebrities, and small businesses under her boutique PR firm,
Divine Influence PR, but she is also a fashion and beauty mogul. HYPE HAIR had a chance to
sit down with the inspiring creative visionary for an exclusive to discuss everything from work life
balance, to fashion, and her new iconic beauty brand, On Luxe Beauty.

Photo Credit: Rari Films / On Luxe Beauty

You are really killing the game right now! You are one of the dopest publicists we know!
But outside of Public Relations, you have your hands in fashion and beauty! How do you
manage it all?

God! (Laughs) Literally He is the nucleus that holds everything together. I definitely stay busy. I
am extremely grateful to be able to live the best of both worlds. I always say I am a publicist by
day and a mogul by night. My day to day is full of meetings, pitching, endless emailing and
phone calls. I travel but only as needed, and when the clock strikes 12, I focus on my other
brands– Eboyné Royale, which is a global hair brand, Luxe on 7th is my lifestyle fashion brand,
and On Luxe Beauty, which just dropped today, is my aspirational beauty brand. I definitely stay
busy, I’m grateful. Honestly, God helps me maintain it all. I would bever be able to do all that I
do without Him.

I feel that. Congratulations on all of your success, and launching your new beauty brand,
On Luxe Beauty! What can you tell us about that?

Yes, I am so excited! On Luxe Beauty serves as a reminder that you are more beautiful than
your mistakes, and more powerful than your past! As women, we deserve to be in environments
that bring out the softness in us, not the survival in us! It’s been a 4 year journey curating and
testing out products, and I’m beyond overjoyed to share with the world the most luxurious
beauty products that I’m absolutely in love with! As women, we typically never look like what
we’ve been through….On Luxe Beauty is a testament that you can handle everything life throws
at you, and still come out on top BEAUTIFULLY STRONG! Each product is an open invitation
for every woman to unlock their superpower of strength!

Photo Credit: Rari Films / On Luxe Beauty

Awesome! Walk us through the products….I love the Luxury Everyday Eyeshadow

Yes, that’s one of my faves! The Luxury Everyday Eyeshadow palette is so rich and it’s perfect
for everyday wear and transitions so beautifully from day to night. From the brilliant mattes, to
glitter, and satin finishes, this palette lives up to its name–It’s uber luxurious and can literally be
worn everyday! Everyone knows I am all about the GLOW! I am obsessed with our 24 Carat
Gold Highlighter. It’s literally like wearing 24 carats on your skin! It’s 100% Vegan, cruelty free,
and provides the perfect sun kissed glow all year round! On Luxe Beauty also has one of the
best nude lip glosses around. If you are looking for the perfect nude then look no farther. Our
Ultra Hydrating lip gloss is the perfect, universal nude because it’s perfect for all hues! This rich,
and highly pigmented gloss is lustrous and creamy; as well as vegan, cruelty, phthalate, and paraben free. I definitely recommend pairing Perfect Nude with our Brown Sugar Lip Liner for
the most defined, luxurious pout! And I didn’t just stop with the accessories. On Luxe Beauty
also has the cutest Signature Makeup Bag! It is so multi-functional, you can store all of your
fave On Luxe Beauty products in our plush makeup bag or wear it as a purse! Either way, your
beauty products or your outfit, just got an UPGRADE!

I love your passion for your brand, and I can’t wait to try On Luxe Beauty! You also have
a fashion brand, Luxe On 7th, too right?

Absolutely. I have always had an affinity for fashion, so I created Luxe on 7th to demonstrate
timeless, classy, and effortless fashion, inclusive for ALL. Being fierce, fabulous, & covered is
the NEW Sexy! At Luxe on 7th our motto is: “Stand out. Never blend.” Going into the New Year
on January 1st, I will be launching my highly anticipated, “40 Years of Luxe” fashion collection,
which will be a really timeless collection with intricate pieces ranging from jumpsuits, dresses,
fitness, and tops. This collection is going to be one of my biggest to date.

Exciting! What else is next for you?
I recently launched my digital faith-based show, Challenge to Change. It’s full of inspiration and
talks about navigating life’s challenges and coming out stronger on the other side. I am really
excited about that, check it out on Youtube. So a lot of people do not know this, but I am very
musical. I love to sing. I used to also play the violin growing up. I have a very musical side, so I
am praying about exploring music again. Also, my clients, celebrity Realors, Doug and Atiya
Parson, are rubbing off on me, so I think I may get into real estate and flipping houses. (Laughs)
With God by my side, the possibilities are endless! I am forever grateful.
Keep Up with Eboyné: @iameboyne @divineinfluencepr @onluxebeautyco @luxeon7th
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