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Danessa Myrick’s Beauty New 2.0 Teardrop Kabuki Complexion Brush

Yummy Face 2.0 Teardrop Kabuki Complexion Brush

Danessa Myrick’s Beauty A luxurious, vegan teardrop-shaped brush designed to hug and glide across all contours of the face. Apply foundation smoothly with ease in a few quick swipes. Ultra soft densely packed bristles provide fast full coverage with an airbrush finish. Works beautifully with Liquids, Creams, Balms, and Powders. 

Inspired by two of Danessa’s favorite things: fast coverage and beautiful design. The unique shape of the brush and the marble design were created because of Danessa’s love of stone and marble.

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Retail Price: $30

Danessa Myrick

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