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LERMYSH Creator, Takiyah Green, LEOn Raising A Family And Creating A Skincare Line

Takiyah Green is a woman of faith, mother, wife and the licensed esthetician and
founder of TAG Esthetics. A Florida native and now a South Carolina resident, she has
given her skin care guidance along with beauty and grooming essentials to clients from
all walks of life. As the top graduate from Southeastern Esthetics Institute, Takiyah took
her knowledge, life experiences and authentic passion for self-care and created a
handmade, authentic skincare line, LERMYSH.
LERMYSH first began as a creative outlet for Takiyah as she navigated being a spa
owner and homeschool teacher for her children. Takiyah was looking for a way to
educate her children about creativity and self-care. She spent countless months
researching handmade skincare products, not knowing that LERMYSH would develop
into a skincare line.
With LERMYSH Lip Balm being the line’s first product, Takiyah was not only able to
educate her children, but she was also able to educate the world about using quality
products for everyday skin problems. She educates clients and skincare enthusiasts
about head-to-toe skincare and how to maintain a healthy, beautiful glow through her
virtual consultations. Takiyah shares these beauty and life tips in a way that makes
sense and in a way that is completely achievable in today’s busy world. She helps you

take the guesswork out of choosing the right skincare routine and delivers health-
conscious skincare products that are practical and easy to use.

Takiyah is so excited to add new products to the LERMYSH Line and plans to continue
helping people achieve confidence, maintain a healthy body and enjoy great skin! Log
on to and follow her brands on instagram @tagestheticsllc
@lermyshbrand and @takiyah_green

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