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Luv In Color With Brat & Judy

PRIDE is about many things but nothing greater than love. Bold, unapologetic, resilient love. The type of love that is so colorful and brilliant it demands your attention.

Since they went public with their love for one another, Brat and Da Real BB Judy’s relationship has mimicked the childhood nursery rhyme, KISSING. Now they just happened to be kissing in a beautiful blue Rolls-Royce but they definitely have every other part on lock. A love so beaurtiful, a wedding made for television, and soon come a baby in baby carriage.

For our PRIDE issue, the Hip-Hop icon and the Beauty Boss sat down with #HYPEHAIR to discuss business, motherhood, and most of all their Luv In Color. You’re definitely going to want to read this.

Cover Story: @Mauibigelow

Social Credits
Talent: @sosobrat & @Darealbbjudy
Photographer: @sk_visionz
EIC: @LiaBdias
Digital Tech: @kolyyd
Hair: @envy_myhair
Makeup: @king.artez
Wardrobe: @kingcartier88
Creative Director: @terrelleverett
Graphic Design: @4thgencreations

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