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Zatima S2E3: Can Paul Really Woo Fatima?

Episode three starts with Angela’s friend reminding her that her car still needs to be fixed and that she should be there when Paul, the sexy contractor does what he needs to do. Fatima says she doesn’t need to be there but Angela puts the bug in her ear that she should keep her options open.

Fatima is happily engaged and definitely not with that. Anyway, Zac takes Fatima to work and of course, pulls into the parking lot as Paul finishes up the job and Angela there too. Zac immediately doesn’t like Paul and doesn’t trust how he’s talking to his boo. Zac cops an attitude and makes all kinds of snippy comments. And then, when Paul tells Fatima that he fixed the tire free of charge, Zac offers $7. Obviously, no one is feeling this behavior. Fatima and Zac go to chat alone and she confronts him because he’s not usually that jealous. Zac, once again, claims everything is all good. 

In other news, Bryce confronts Angie about why she has been avoiding him. Angie is still being shady, rushes him away and says she’ll call him. Speaking of Bryce, there’s a moment where he runs into Zac, and his boys Nate and Tony. The latter two showed up to check on Zac because they heard what happened with his mom and know his family triggers him. Zac is acting stank toward them too but they are excited to see Bryce. Zac kicks everyone out of the office. They all note that he is not okay.

The episode winds down with Fatima confronting Paul upstairs because the noise from his team’s construction work is distracting, and her boss was complaining. He decides to head back downstairs with her to talk to her boss. They get stuck in an elevator, just the two of them, because, of course. They make the best of it and find out a bit about each other. He took over the construction company for his dad, is ex-military like Fatima’s dad, and then here’s the kicker: Fatima asks if he’s attracted to Angie. You already know he’s not and he makes it clear that he’s attracted to her. Fatima shuts that down but then he asks if they can just be friends. Fatima isn’t stupid and shuts that down too. He eases up when the topic shifts back toward Zac but he gives her the name of a therapist who runs workshops for Black men’s mental health.

And then…the elevator lurches which throws Fatima into Paul’s arms and then the doors open, revealing Zac on the landing just as they were stepping away from each other. Obviously, Zac thinks something shady went down and the last words we hear from him are, “What the f–k!” before the episode ends.

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