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Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus Describes Online Bullying And Her Father’s Support

During Thursday’s (April 6) episode of Karamo, Cori Broadus, the only daughter of Snoop Dogg, discussed her recent health issues, including dealing with Lupus and how she’s received online bullying.

During the discussion, Broadus noted how supportive her father is, especially surrounding her medical condition.

“It just gets to a point where you got to say something. When you grow up in the public eye you know this is what comes with it. Haters are going to hate, if they’re not speaking, you’re not doing something right,” she told host Karamo Brown. “I love my dad, sometimes I be like, ‘Wow I can’t believe that’s my dad, just because you know how big he is and he’s just a legend.’ Being his daughter, so many people have these expectations.”

In regards to the actual bullying she’s received via social media, Cori relayed some of the awful messages she’s read over the years.

“People online were saying, ‘He’s only with you because of your dad, so does this mean I have to be ugly to get a man,’” she said. “I got diagnosed with Lupus at the age of six and [in the photo] I was very inflamed; my lupus was very very inflamed; nobody knew that so for people to go on there to say that it made me feel even lower about myself and I think when people say those certain things and you’re already dealing with insecurities it like triggers it.”

In support of his daughter and in coordination with her, last September, the Broadus family released a line of scarves meant to look stylish while also supporting those with lupus or anyone experiencing hair loss. BET spoke with Cori, her mother Shante and Snoop about the venture launch as it happened.

Watch the full Karamo interview segment below:

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