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NEW! OLAPLEX Nº.4D Dry Shampoo

The internet might break for the newest addition to the OLAPLEX family line of products. OLAPLEX Nº.4D is a Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo formulated with patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology. Finally, a dry shampoo that doesn’t cause dry, itchy scalp, build up, or white residue and actually rebuilds bonds in the hair simultaneously. Nº.4D ticks all the boxes, and we’re so excited you can now get to know them!


Nº.4D is a light-as-air dry shampoo in which skincare science meets haircare innovation to make good hair days good for your scalp. Nº.4D leaves hair looking first-day fresh with clean, weightless body and the scalp feeling calm and comfortable. So many of us have learned the hard way relying a little too heavily on dry shampoo to notice our hair flakey, with buildup looking dirtier than before. Nº.4D is your post-workout cleanser and refresher without having to wash your hair, a pick-me-up after a long day of work where you go straight to meeting with friends after, it’s your shampoo without the mess when you’re traveling—the list goes on!


A dry shampoo that’s clinically proven not to leave a white, powdery residue? And it rebuilds broken bonds in the hair? Yes, please! OLAPLEX creates solutions via haircare innovation to solve your hair concerns. When a product is launched, the thought first is, how can we solve our users’ concerns while making their hair healthier than before? In Nº.4D, we do it with antioxidant-rich rambutan seed extract that soothes the scalp and detoxifies to neutralize and repel odor-causing pollutants. We also use ultra-fine micro starch from rice to absorb oil for clean, soft hair without a trace of residue or gritty buildup.


We are so excited to offer a just-washed clean feel without buildup with OLAPLEX Nº.4D. In an independent consumer perception study, 100% saw no white residue, 97% said their hair looked clean, and 97% saw a reduction of oil. It’s ideal for all hair types, just like all OLAPLEX products, from virgin hair to compromised and straight to curly. For the moments where you’re on the go and hair washing has to wait—let OLAPLEX Nº.4D step up to the plate. Click here for more information.

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