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COTA SKIN Founder, Britni Ricard on Balancing Business and Motherhood

Running a multi-million-dollar skincare company is no small feat, but adding new motherhood to the mix is a whole other ballgame. Britni Ricard, CEO of Cota Skin Care, knows all about it. She shared her incredible journey with us and how she managed to juggle both of her babies – her company and her newborn son.

Britni’s Instagram family has been following her journey from the start. They witnessed her building Cota Skin, from shipping off her first order to opening her first pop-up shop. They were a huge support system for her throughout her pregnancy. Her fiancé also played a significant role in keeping the house clean, checking in on her, bringing her food, and even booking massages to keep her relaxed.

Britni’s inspiration for Cota Skin Care came from her late brother Chevez Ricard, who was particular about his skincare routine. Britni wanted to create a brand that would honor her brother’s legacy and connect with customers in ways that other brands don’t. She takes pride in serving her customers through DMs, providing encouragement and advice on their skincare journey.

When it comes to maintaining her glowing appearance, Britni keeps it simple by drinking plenty of water, eating her veggies, and using her 24K Gold Serum. But her real secret to success lies in her determination to never play small in business, just like her late brother Chevez.

Britni’s advice to other women who need help balancing during pregnancy is to find what works best for them and their family. She urges them to listen to their body, do what’s best for them and their baby, and know their rights as a mother.

Looking ahead, Britni plans to continue growing her brand and empowering black women in the beauty industry. She wants to push Cota Skin even further and reach a wider audience by launching more marketing campaigns and sharing more real-life testimonials from satisfied customers. Britni is committed to providing results day to day, helping those in need of skin healing, and building generational wealth within the black community.

Britni’s journey as a new mother and CEO is nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication to her company and her son is a testament to her strength, determination, and resilience. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Cota Skin Care and will continue to cheer Britni on every step of the way! Log onto and follow Britni on Instagram @1Bee_Marie and Cota Skin Care @cota_skin.

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